The lauch of the O initiative 

On March 25, 2017 the O initiative launched in Alma Park, St Kilda East. The first O fountain was installed at the site of the weekly Hank Marvin Market and then local artist Georgie Faircloth turned it into a unique work of art.

The project was a collaboration between the local people (residents of Almaville and visitors of the Hank Marvin Market), the private and public sectors. (Zip Water and the City of Port Phillip). 

TOI 04 O fountain - girl drinks High Res.png

Via an oversubscribed GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign the local people raised the $1,500 artist commission. As a reward for their contribution each co-funder received ‘a vote’ to select one of the 3 shortlisted artist (a total of 6 artist responded to the ‘Expression of Interest’).

Local artist Georgie Faircloth received the most votes and has done an amazing job in transforming the blank O fountain canvas into a painting that truely represents the Alma Park community. 

Georgie has included the Hank Marvin Market, the many dogs as well as the diverse, multicultural community of St Kilda East.